Singing, Violins, Record Players and Detroit: A Brief Update On My Life

a singer singingIt has been a long time since I’ve written on here, so I decided to take some space on this page to write a quick update. I just figured I should let you go know what is been going on in my life. And why I haven’t been writing on this blog anymore.

First, I’ll give you some updates on stuff that I’ve mentioned on this blog before. The first is that I visited Detroit and ended up buying an espresso machine. It’s a great city and I wanted to go to some clubs and see some DJs there. But, while Detroit was the birthplace of techno music, it really isn’t that great for it today. I guess it’s because the city has fallen on such hard times. But honestly, the clubs just weren’t very fun and the DJs I saw weren’t very good. That said, I was only there for a few days, so I’m sure I just didn’t really know where to go. People who live there could probably have shown me a much better time.

The second thing is my singing lessons. You may remember that I decided I should learn how to sing, because I thought it would be great to combine some vocals with my DJ. That is not going great. It turns out I’m not a great singer at all. I did buy some vocal lessons and I think I will drive my singing instructor to an early grave. Seriously, I don’t think he has ever heard someone sing as badly as me. I really feel bad for the guy. I should probably pay him more, but I don’t want to. And I can’t afford it.

One of the reasons I can’t afford it is that I decided to also get violin lessons. Yes, I know I’m an idiot. But remember that I also wrote a post about playing the violin during a DJ set? Well, I thought that would be cool too. Yes, I want to be a DJ who sings and plays the violin. And yes, I sometimes make rash and stupid decisions. It is safe to say my violin playing is going about as well as my singing. Actually, it’s going even worse. In the end I will probably give up on learning the violin. But I’m also stubborn, so I have not done that yet.

One good thing is that these two new pursuits have increased my record collection. I have bought a bunch of vinyl that contains famous violin music and also vinyl from some of the great singers of the past. I thought listening to their music on my record player would inspire me. And that brings me to another big update. I bought a new turntable record player. Yes, I spent almost $2000 on this thing, but it is amazing. My record collection has never sounded this good.

The final thing? I got a new job. I now work in the cannabis industry growing my own marijuana. Yes, I know I sold out. But this job pays a lot and it allows me time for my hobby. It is also what allowed by to afford my new coffee/espresso maker.

I wasn’t making much money from DJing anyways, and I can keep doing it and I don’t have to play gigs that I don’t want to anymore. I can only play the ones that I actually want to play and I don’t have to worry about payment. Even if they don’t pay me, I can just do it for fun. And the job is what allowed me to visit Detroit and those clubs.

I obviously don’t have enough time to practice my DJing (and my singing and my violin), but I also don’t have to struggle to get by in life anymore. I guess I grew up. It apparently happens to a lot of people.

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