The Importance Of Coffee In The DJ’s World

Espresso coffee

This is a funny story I wanna share with you guys. It started the other day when I went to Derrick May’s place to interview him. I wanted to know more about his early years in Detroit. After exchanging a few words, he offered me a cup of coffee, you know, to make our talk more comfortable. I’m a big coffee lover, so I obviously accepted it. And then I thought that even I love coffee so much, I hardly ever brew it my self at home, I usually go out and meet friends to drink coffee.

As I was preparing myself to ask the first question, I tried my black coffee I had been offered and it was so good, that the first question became “how did you make this coffee?” Derrick then started to tell me about the espresso machine he had bought a few months ago. The interview completely switched from talking about his work in Detroit to coffee. And even this is not what I had planned, I got an unexpected side from Derrick May, so here’s a summary of what we talked.

It turns out that Derrick does not only drink coffee because he’s a huge lover, but also because coffee helps him on his creative process to produce music. Amazing, right!? I would have never expected that! He mentioned that in the beginning, he’d just go out and grabbed a coffee for home but he realized that he could save some money if he could actually get a high-quality coffee made at home.

He explained that the process of choosing the proper espresso machine was not easy. He didn’t have a clue about such things and there are many options in the market that it even felt frustrating. Derrick obviously bought machines that didn’t meet his expectations, but that was part of the process, he said. After some failures, he finally found the perfect espresso machine for him. “It felt like winning the lottery” he expressed.

And I can believe that! When he showed me the espresso machine, I fell in love. I knew right away that I wanted it so badly in my kitchen. I’m talking about a Capresso 465 coffee maker. This machine comes in different colors, so it will match your kitchen decoration no matter what. The size is also perfect for a kitchen, you couldn’t ask more!

By the time he explained to me how the machine works, I was so into the topic, that I completely forgot about the techno scene in Detroit. All I wanted to know was how to brew coffee with that wonderful thing and how espresso is actually good for our health. He let me try pulling an espresso shot. Opposite to what I thought, it was actually really simple to do. And so, I had my first professional cup of espresso, done by me.

The best thing I got out of that “interview” with Derrick was the idea of getting my own espresso machine, I obviously bought the same one he has. I gotta say that he saved me a lot of time and probably a lot of frustration trying to look for an espresso machine, I’ll always thank him for that.

As I write this article, I’m enjoying an espresso and I understand now the importance of a simple cup of coffee for creative work. One can’t just pretend to be creative without a good cup of coffee.

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